Helmets BEON combine safety, functionality, and very modern design. And all at a very good value for their price. Helmets BEON meet all European standards with certifications issued in Germany. All helmets have functional vents hypoallergenic materials and all FULL FACE helmets have removable lining.

Motorcycle garments and accessories  

For more than 50 years MODEKA develops products with priority on safety and driving comfort. MODEKA products distinguish for the high level of functionality often praised by magazines and many motorcycle drivers, without though neglecting the fashion which is becoming more and more important and affects the MODEKA products design. The new collection contains clothing that can be used everyday and not only  for driving.


ProGrip is the oldest and biggest motorcycle hand grips manufacturer in the world . The company having forty years experience, uses the best raw materials to make grips that absorb vibration and give a relaxing and comfortable feel to the rider. Thanks to the enormous variety and trendy designs, Progrip satisfies the daily needs of every rider, from the most conservative to the most 'speedy'. Some years ago Progrip has entered the field of Motocross uniforms , glasses and many accessories as well . ProGrip name is now well known to Motocross and Enduro racing followers and is  sponsoring some of the biggest riders in this field .

Handle bars  

ACCEL Technology Corp is a member of a large group of manufacturing plants in Taiwan., Founded in 1996 and specializes in manufacturing steel, aluminum, titanium and magnesium parts


SXP is a locks producer in China. SXP locks offer quality at very competitive price while combining modern design. The range includes disc locks, U locks  and cable locks that covers every need to protect the motorcycle. SXP is the best solution for the rider who wants reliable protection at very affordable price.



Motorcycle accessories  

FUEGO brand is synonymus for years in the Greek market with quality and reliability. FUEGO brand has a wide range of racing spare parts , such as  the well known Fuego cam shafts, clutch springs and oversize cylinders as well as a wide variety of accessories such as mini winkers and handle bar ends.


The company also features one of the most comprehensive lists of applications for levers in Greek market. The company's philosophy is to provide quality after market products at competitive prices.

Racing mufflers    Apido makes  racing parts and although it was introduced in the Greek Market not a long ago, everybody knows Apido, mostly thanks to the famous "tri-oval" exhausts that increase the engine power and give a very good looking to the bike also. Apido is also known for the best value for Money relation

Motorcycle adhesives and accessories  

KEITI is a professional manufacturer of motorcycle tank pads, yoke pads and fuel cap pads used to enhance appearance and protect the tank from scratches KEITI’s original designs comply with the design and color of various motorcycle models
KEITI products are manufactured from high quality imported vinyl and they are effective under a wide range of temperatures: -10℃~ +80℃
Features strong adhesion to ensure product will not lift or peel off
UV resistant silkscreen printing used to prevent fading even after repeated exposure to bright sunlight
Exclusively formulated non yellowing resin and 3D gel layer assure durability and scratch resistance 
Heat, humidity and water resistant

Having a wide range of designs KEITI can satisfy the most demanding customer who wants to improve his bike